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With "grapes" concept halal food industry bigger and stronger
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:43:21 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

"Our business is a bunch of grapes , every entrepreneur , is one Grape ." Yinchuan City Jingwei Industrial Co., Ltd. , chairman Zhao Qing said. 2011 onwards, the company has committed to using the "grapes " industrial development model to build long lake Ningxia halal industrial park.

Light Industrial Park is located Pingluo incubator park , close to the Beijing- Tibet highway Ping Luo section entrances, building of 800 square meters to 4,000 square meters of various types of workshop more than 40 seats , complete supporting facilities , to meet the different types of entrepreneurial requirements. Industrial Park consists of four functional areas , including halal beef and mutton processing zones, Muslim products processing zones , agricultural cold chain distribution area and halal snack food processing area, which focuses on promoting "yellow canal bridge" beef and mutton products, "Long Village " Farm chicken, stone flour series of casual food and Muslim supplies.

Industrial park not only has ten thousand tons cold storage building to protect all kinds of food processing enterprises in cold storage, preservation and ice and other needs , but also has a products exhibition center and activity center staff and other ancillary services . The company plans to Industrial Park as the center, radiation Ningxia and built in major cities nationwide logistics network, centralized distribution system , forming an efficient logistics distribution network, all settled in the industrial park businesses can make use of the company's registered " long Village " and " yellow canal bridge " brand, all products can be industry park in the company 's e-commerce platform construction , and domestic and international sales both inside and outside the center and industrial park tourist service center for product sales and marketing , and its purpose is to to effectively use the " bunch of grapes " concept of halal industry bigger and stronger

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