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Ningxia's halal industry development bottleneck breakthrough is imminent
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:34:10 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

"Ningxia now has ' Chinese Muslim halal food supplies industrial base '' halal food town ' reputation , Ningxia halal industry has become the development of inland open economy full of vigor and vitality of the leading industry , but due to lack of financial support, Ningxia Islamic industry faced ' development bottleneck ' . " in Ning Quanguo CPPCC Ma Kwok-kuen said.

In recent years , our region has put forward the " play national advantages, to create a national brand , the development of national industry ," the strategic decision to accelerate the halal food and Muslim products industry. At present the region engaged in the halal food production, processing, operating nearly 30,000 individual industrial and commercial households , halal food has entered Saudi Arabia , UAE, Kuwait, Egypt and other countries in our region but also with Malaysia, Thailand and other countries reached a mutual HALAL certification bodies authentication protocol . " Eleventh Five-Year " period, our region's halal food industry more than 20% annual growth , the region accounted for 80% of the food industry , industry-wide annual industrial output value reached 20 billion yuan , initially formed to halal food , halal food and Muslim products as the focus of modern Islamic industrial clusters and broad development prospects .

Malaysian rights found in the research , the majority of my district halal industry enterprises in production and operation of small-scale decentralized state, the low level of competition in the market is weak . In addition, more labor-intensive products halal industry , high-tech products less ; processing products and more service-oriented products less ; generally more products , new and special products , fine small. " Regional party committee , the government has put forward , it is necessary to undertake the fight Ningxia eastern China and Arab countries an important production base , playing with international influence of halal food and Muslim products base in China for the Arab countries to become the forefront of opening up , countries also have permanent venue Arab Economic Forum in Ningxia . Against this backdrop , Ningxia halal industry to break the bottleneck is imminent . " Ma Kwok-kuen said.

Ma Kwok-kuen recommended the establishment of Ningxia Halal Industry Capital Fund , formed to support development of halal industry financing platform and investment system , effectively raising the halal industry 's overall level and market competitiveness, halal industry has become characteristics of our region have obvious advantages, the cluster effect is remarkable, pulling prominent role in supporting pillar industries. ( Reporters still Ling Bin )

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