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Urumqi will invest ten million yuan every year to build "Chinese Muslim gourmet capital"
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:32:03 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

Tianshan news ( reporter Tan Chaoxiang reports ) from Urumqi Municipal Bureau of Commerce : Urumqi City recently issued " on accelerating the food and drink industry , construction, Chinese Islamic cuisine capital of the implementation of views" , from the capital subsidy , policy guidance , training, etc. 16 aspects of food and beverage industry to upgrade and promote the prosperity of Urumqi .

The establishment of special funds for the development of specialty food and beverage industry . From 2012 onwards, annual allocation of 10 million yuan Urumqi finances , focusing on food and drink industry , accelerate the construction of Chinese Muslim gourmet .

Create features dining district, transform and upgrade traditional subsidized catering neighborhoods , and promote the development of catering industry accumulation . The scope for a strong culture into the planning , facilities, food and beverage management practices neighborhoods where the county , according to Yijiangdaibu form , to give financial subsidies.

Promoting food and drink culture, and actively carry out food and drink culture excavation promotion. A finding of non-material cultural heritage project representative , to give 30,000 yuan reward.

Access to national , regional and Urumqi City, the famous ( famous ) trademark , "old" , " food brand " title and cooking skills competition awards catering business were given a one-time 50,000 yuan -10 yuan reward ; access to national, regional and feast of Urumqi , dishes, were points , snack, famous Nang title and specialty restaurants, Nang goods , breakfast model shop catering business title shall be given 20,000 yuan -5 million reward.

And on access to national and regional chefs , teacher or senior officer , to give a one-time 5000-1 yuan reward ; obtained a master chef , management guru , ServiceMaster , nutrition guru personnel , grant the appropriate honorary title, will be given a of 10,000 yuan reward.

Encourage food and drink enterprises bigger and stronger , and actively explore the international and domestic markets ; encourage staple food processing and construction features ; encourage staple specialty chain building supply outlets ; guide catering enterprises to rural construction raw materials base.

It is reported that as of last August , employing 35 million people in Urumqi catering , halal catering enterprises accounted for 67%.

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