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Maryland will build China's first Islamic bio-cluster
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:38:34 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

Maryland will build China's first Islamic bio-cluster

" Lanzhou Biological Products Halal Industrial Park to build now with ethnic and religious , industrial clusters, product certification, production factors four distinct advantage ." Lanzhou City Vice Mayor Niu eastward today held the first China Lanzhou Muslim Bio Industry Forum news conference .

Cattle eastward introduction, Lanzhou Biological Products halal industrial park to build already has four distinct advantage. First, ethnic and religious superiority . Maryland as a distribution center for cattle and sheep breeding , bio-industry for the Islamic provide sufficient raw material security . Second, the advantages of industrial clusters . Amin as a leader in bio- tech enterprises halal biological products , has considerable business scale and market influence , and gradually establish Islamic bio-cluster . Third, product certification advantage. Currently , countries generally agree that by the Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries to develop halal food certification standards, certification center will be located in the new industrial park and halal biological radiation . Four factors of production advantage. Lanzhou land , rich in natural gas and other resources , convenient transportation .

Cattle eastward said first China Lanzhou Muslim Bio Industry Forum held in Lanzhou , bio-industry will accelerate the pace of building halal , halal play the advantages of bio- industrial park , Lanzhou, China, is formed as soon as the development, production , sales as one of the inside and outside of the most influential export-oriented , technology-based , integrated halal biological products industry chain , the real Muslim consumer groups at home and abroad to provide a safe and healthy halal biological products.

It is reported by the Lanzhou Municipal People's Government hosted the "First China Lanzhou Muslim Bio Industry Forum " will be held June 23 to 24 held in Lanzhou .

The forum will invite officials of the relevant countries , academicians , domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, renowned experts and scholars in the field of bio- Muslim halal biological products as well as business representatives , together around the latest developments in domestic and foreign Islamic bio-industry policies and development strategies , production technology innovation, global market demand halal biological products such as in-depth discussion.

The reporter was informed that currently there are more than one billion Muslims around the world about population , halal food products and promoting China's national industry has become an important economic growth point of the development . Niu said the east , facing domestic and foreign more than one billion Muslims huge market prospects , Lanzhou municipal government will take advantage of the country's western development policy opportunities for multiple overlay , based on the characteristics of Lanzhou, multi-ethnic gathering , focusing on the development of Islamic national industry , focus the introduction of a number of Islamic bio-industry technologies and projects , to build China's first Islamic bio-cluster .

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