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Muslim snack foods touted
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    Muslim snack foods touted
Chengdu peach blossoms in mid-March , canola flower undulating like waves, pink yellow woven together to form a sea of ​​flowers . This beautiful city look even more enchanting charm . 86th session of the National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair in at 9:00 on March 23 2012 grand opening of the Chengdu International Exhibition Center century full of people, traders, transportation routes steady stream of vehicles .

86th Chengdu, China National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair unprecedented prosperity , leaders at all levels attach great importance to the international exhibition highlights plexus within the forum of colorful activities , news and propaganda impressive.

Ningxia, a beautiful fishing Muslim Food Co. also participated in the exhibition , participants learned a lot during the period , tasting in number, at the right price for fast selling dealer exhibits agents actively and enthusiastically 86th Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair successfully held also Caramel fisheries halal food Co., a turning point , but also a new starting point and will become a milestone.

Ningxia, a beautiful fishing Muslim Food Co., Ltd. is located in the Northwest's largest breadbasket " Frontier South " - Yinchuan . Rich world of the Yellow River in Ningxia . We use local rich resources in Ningxia Yellow River Fisheries Research Institute, Huazhong University of Science and Technology nine video for technical support registered capital of 10 million yuan , the main freshwater fish, beef and mutton halal food processing and sales , the annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, the company in freshwater aquaculture , based on the development of high-tech food industry . Advanced food processing technology and first-class product quality , relying on the rich cultural development of the Yellow River in their hometowns ecological fish series leisure products , capping bottles , canned fish products . "The Yellow River carp" gift boxes series. Currently products are sold nationwide in major cities, with Malaysia , Saudi Arabia international trade.

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