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Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Muslim Food Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of canned and cooked beef jerky and other meat products processing halal food processing enterprises. Has a variety of processing 500 tons of canned food and a variety of cooked 300 tons of flexible packaging production line in Inner Mongolia is currently the largest Muslim cooked products processing enterprises.

Our main products are canned corned beef , corned mutton, stewed beef , stewed lamb, gravy beef, curry beef , stewed offal , oxtail soup than a dozen varieties of different flavors of canned food and a variety of different flavors of beef jerky and flexible halogen products halal meat , formed a canned beef jerky as the leading products with local characteristics and market development prospects of the national food chain .

Our products raw materials matching elegant and strict . Raw materials mainly from Wulanchabu , Xilin Gol and Qinghai, Gansu and other natural prairie grassland natural pollution-free cattle, sheep , chickens slaughtered according to Islamic method of processing of meat products. And the use of modern production and processing technology, strict implementation of the national "Food Safety Law " the relevant provisions and technical standards , the products sell in north, northwest , more than 30 cities , the majority of consumers welcome and praise.

My company in good faith, quality first, scientific choice of materials , fine processing for the purpose, and provide consumers with a variety of leisure , nutrition, health, convenience with national characteristics halal meat cooked products .

Chairman Tan Dongming all the staffs sincerely welcomes foreign businessmen to take various forms of cooperation , the introduction of capital and technology, improve product competitiveness , expand production scale , to further expand the market , bigger and stronger , mutual benefit and common development.

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