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Experts believe that: our country into the international halal industry needs to break the bottleneck
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:46:25 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

Experts believe that: our halal industry needs to break the bottleneck of the international halal certification system to be improved

State Ethnic Affairs Commission , according to Xinhua News Agency, according to a survey , the current global halal food industry's annual trade volume has exceeded over two trillion U.S. dollars , although China's halal industry has maintained a growth rate of 10% , but compared with the global market capacity , trade accounted for only 0.1% of total world trade . Stakeholders believe that this reality reveals both of halal food industry is facing a broad international market opportunities and space , but also reflects our halal food in the international market share and influence of the weak. Experts suggest that , from the establishment and improvement of a unified system of accreditation standards or other multi-channel start to increase support for efforts to gradually expand our halal industry .

Statistics show that currently the world 's Muslim population has more than 1.5 billion , plus the non-Muslim consumer groups , the global halal products less than 2 billion consumers , halal food and non-food products in the market value of $ 2.1 trillion , of which only halal food market capitalization reached $ 150 billion , while China's halal food exports was less than $ 100 million .

Trade between China and the Islamic countries prospects, growth is gratifying . China 's first ambassador to the WTO Sun Zhenyu said that in 2008 , trade between China and Arab countries soared to $ 132.8 billion , two years ahead of both the proposed trade in 2010 reached $ 100 billion of its objectives. Arab countries have become China's eighth largest trading partner , the 7th largest export market and seventh largest source of imports. In recent years , China's halal food products industry good momentum of development , the growth rate has remained at about 10%, especially in Qinghai, Ningxia, northwest five provinces Muslim businesses, raw material quality , low cost, operating in a manner consistent Muslim idea of ​​creating a group of distinctive Islamic brands, more and more Muslim countries of all ages. Muslim supplies in the area also has great potential. Best Bukhara Green Hay Group Limited is now the world 's largest Muslim ethnic costumes and supplies manufacturers , and its flagship " Bukhara " brand is widely recognized by overseas Muslim share of the global market share of 40 percent, an average annual export growth in more than 40%. According to statistics , China's 97.3 percent of the cities and counties have halal food and supplies for industry , food , non-staple food , food business operators more than 120,000 households, which specializes in the production and operation of enterprises have halal food more than 6,000 .

Some experts pointed out that hinder our halal food , supplies, exports and international development of the " bottleneck" mainly includes four aspects: First, the lack of uniform standards or certification systems . CCPIT Xinjiang Exhibition Minister Zhang Ying said that the unity of halal food certification is an international problem , our country within a region with other regions of the certification standards are not unified , the domestic halal food certification certification standards docking with Arab countries is not enough , the signing of mutual recognize the agreement is not satisfactory, halal food exports to become an important non-trade barriers , the urgent need to achieve a breakthrough in this regard . Second, trade costs are higher. Sun Zhenyu said that China and the Arab countries export channel poor Muslim areas , trade channels for a single , comprehensive bonded export commodities is not established , the lack of preferential policies to support industrial development , leading foreign export industries, " small, weak , scattered ," the more obvious characteristics , potentially increase the cost of trade . Third, market awareness is low . "Our country is the main force of halal industry SMEs , there are still a lot of family workshops ." Wan Jifei and that, without a long-term strategic awareness and brand awareness, coupled with publicity and promotion work is not in place and other factors , China's halal food can get few international market recognized brand and market awareness is not high , benefits will not go up. In addition, China's exports of halal products are also subject to anti -dumping investigations, the imposition of high tariffs and other factors, cause our halal food in the international market potential is not fully realized.

Therefore, the current multi-channel imminent start of halal industry bigger and stronger . Wan Jifei believe that China's halal industry efforts to increase international cooperation , so that more entrepreneurs in recognition of the Muslim halal food supplies , which requires religious product standards, quality standards and other safety standards for long-term study , carried out more extensive cooperation . First, strengthen cooperation with Muslim countries and regions, communication efforts. This is not only conducive to grasp the international halal food supplies market demand trends, also allows foreign investors to learn more about the potential of halal food industry and advantages , to stimulate their investment cooperation. Secondly, as soon as possible to develop a unified comprehensive halal product certification system. Some experts believe that the Islamic product quality and specifications, by national food quality supervision departments to develop uniform standards , and in whether the halal certification standards , the Islamic Society by reference to international standards, a combination of both may establish our halal food supplies certification system. Third, the government departments to actively guide the coordination , increase policy , financial support, guide enterprises to develop domestic halal products refined processing, extend the industrial chain , to create " quality products" , take the scale , intensive development path. In addition, the strengthening of qualified personnel is also an urgent need. " China Quality"

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