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Chinese halal food to advance the Arab world
Jining, Inner Mongolia horse Halal Food Co., Ltd.   2013-10-28 18:45:34 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]

[" Times of India" website on September 21 ] Title : China , India equivalent to one-eighth of the Muslim population in the halal food market forward ( Reporter Sai Baer ? Dasgupta )

China has 22 million Muslim population , equivalent to only one-eighth of India's Muslim population . However, China successfully exploit its position as the world's largest importer of petroleum products, the influence of the total $ 500 billion export market for halal food plays an important role.

This is illustrated in a meeting held today is very apparent . At this meeting, government officials from Arab countries and importers urge China to produce more halal food to meet the growing demand. Notably , the Muslim population of India ranks third in the world and did not attend the meeting , although the Muslim population in South Africa so few countries have been invited .

China 's Muslim population in the country 's total population of less than 2% , a fact seen by many as the development of an appropriate size with the halal food export industry obstacles. But sources say that China use its strength as an importer , managed to overcome these obstacles , even in the halal food inspection systems have been assisting Malaysia and Thailand .

UAE Foreign Ministry official Abdul ? Achmed ? Saleh in the second session of the Arab Economic Forum , said halal food can become the UAE and China economic and trade relations as a priority area . He said that due to the world's Muslim population is increasing, the industry has enormous potential .

Buyers extremely cautious on halal food , which is not only a way of doing business . It also help the Chinese government and the Islamic world to establish an emotional connection .

Arab merchants doing business in Hong Kong, Muhammad ? Tu Weimu said: "The Arab countries from China to buy halal food has been a long time we did not doubt for Chinese food ."

He acknowledged that Chinese products, the main attraction is that they are more than purchased from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, halal food in several major food exporting countries much cheaper .

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